Women's Road Ride Series

Join the women of the Sugar Beets elite cycling team every Thursday for our weekly group rides! These progressive road rides are great for beginner and intermediate-level riders, and are the perfect chance to hone your skills in a safe and friendly environment. The rides will focus on improving your group riding skills, road safety, nutrition, hydration, climbing out of the saddle, and more. We can’t wait to ride with you!


Meet time is 5:30 at Trek South (951 E Harmony Road.)  Please bring bike, helmet and hydration.  Demo bikes are available from Trek, please call for more info 970-226-6006.

All rides are no-drop, and we may split into groups, depending on who shows up. Our goal is to be back at Trek South by sunset, so mileage is subject to change.



3/28 Pack skills - double paceline and rotation. 5:30-7:20pm. 20 miles

4/4 Road to gravel transitions, obstacle avoidance. 5:30-7:27pm 25 miles

4/11 Sprinting, cornering, holding your line. 5:30-7:34pm. 25 miles

4/18 Pack awareness skills. 5:30-7:41. 30 miles

4/25 Ride endurance: on the bike nutrition/hydration. 5:30-7:48pm. 30 miles

5/2 Ride endurance: long, seated climbs. 5:30-7:55pm. 30 miles

5/9 Ride endurance: punchy climbs and attacks. 5:30-8:02pm. 30 miles

5/16 Ride endurance: shelter from the wind. 5:30-8:09. 35 miles

5/23 Ride endurance: long, seated climbs. 5:30-8:15pm. 35 miles

5/30 Ride endurance: punchy climbs and attacks. 5:30-8:20pm. 35 miles

6/6 Ride endurance: shelter from the wind. 5:30-8:25pm. 35 miles

6/13 Longest ride of the year! 5:30-8:29pm. 40 miles??