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Towers-Spring Creek-Stout QUAD KILLER – if Towers doesn’t kill your quads, the extended downhill will!

5.1 miles, 1328 ft.

Strava segment: Sugar Beets Quad Killer


Towers-Spring Creek-Herrington-Stout

This route is short, but don’t let the distance fool you.  It is steep and while Towers is not technical at all, the downhills can be tricky.  Remember to ride within your abilities and walk what you can’t ride.  The downhill trails tend to be on the sunny side and dry out a lot faster than other routes, so it can be ridden when others are muddy. 


Although this is not one of the most favored routes due to its technical nature, this is a great challenge and can be a whole lot of fun, so please enjoy this chance to check out something you might not have ridden before.


5.1 mi MTB Cycling Route on Strava

Turn by turn:

Start on Towers at the Stout intersection.  Head up towers (west).


Climb, keep climbing, then climb some more.  You’ll go all the way to the Towers/Spring Creek/Millcreek intersection.


Take a left on Spring Creek and head down into the valley.  Spring Creek features some really fun rock rolls and steep sections, all rollable.  Use caution, about halfway down there is a sharp right that leads into a techy rock section, please check it out before you try it if you haven’t done it before, or just walk it. 


Watch a short video of Valerie nailing this corner.  Easy, right?

Keep following spring creek into the valley and watch for the left at Herrington at mile 2.8.  Go up Harrington.  Soon, you will pop out into a meadow, take the right onto Stout.

Stout is a series of ups and down and can be rocky and loose, so, again, ride within your abilities.  Enjoy the great views of Horsetooth reservoir until you pop out onto Towers and you’re done!


Start at Towers/Stout, go uphill (west)

Left on Spring Creek

Left on Harrington

Right on Stout


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