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Apex Nutrition Boot Camp

Updated: Apr 4, 2019


Last summer, several people recommended the Apex Nutrition Boot Camp, an online nutrition program, run by Kelli Jennings. People who recommended it included a friend who competed in the Colorado Trail Race, and said it was vital to figuring out his nutrition for the race. So this year, i decided to give it a go.

So I'm turning 42 this week and have never been much of a chef, nor have I been particularly concerned with what I ate. I'd chose a TV dinner over my own "cooking" any day. Fortunately, I am blessed with a husband who loves to cook, so I get at least one meal a day right.

I think i could do better, and I'm really excited to see what Kelli has planned.

I have had a lot of trouble figuring out what I need to make it through a race without feeling hungry or tired or developing leg cramps, which have gotten worse as I've tried to take on longer races. In addition, without a real diet plan, I'm wondering if I'm missing out on finding the right combination to maximize my fitness.

From what my friends have told me, this will kick my ass into shape (it's called a Boot Camp for a reason), and I'll take you along for the ride and hopefully give you good news on how this is working!

Want to learn more:




One week down, and this is all still very new and very exciting! Kelli started us on developing our way of thinking and creating positive habits and how to get "motivated." This week was primarily about eating to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. She gave us a large menu with lots of options, catered to your individual weight, with a goal of eating healthy and not feeling hungry. I have gone through all the options and have started implementing them into my daily diet, but it's a big step to take a gal who likes fast food, microwave dinners and sweets, to eating whole foods and fewer carbs. Must go grocery shopping!


Week 2 was all about eating for training, and Kelli had some great suggestions for pre, during and post ride foods. Now we can start adding some carbs for energy and putting them to good use!

One thing that I'm really enjoying are all the options. She doesn't have a specific menu, but rather several healthy choices that fall into a certain calorie/nutrient range. You just have to pick from the list and know that they have everything you need and nothing you don't. Best of all, you don't have to do the math yourself, which I think is where a lot of us get bogged down with many diet recommendations. Plus, I have a resource when I'm trying to decide, do I go for ice cream, or something else?

I'm definitely noticing that I'm less tired/bogged down following Kelli's suggestions. It's true, having a heavy carb meal really slows you down. Lean meats and lots of veggies seem to be easy to digest and keep your energy up. Wheee!


Training is starting to amp up, which means I missed adding to this last week! But I'm still following Kelli's suggestions and finding some amazing stuff about how nutrition affects my performance. I had a "cheat day" last week and had a bunch of pizza (I actually over-cheated) and suffered mightily in the next day's workout. Even my knees hurt more than usual. I feel like if I stick to the diet, I am less inflammatory overall and just generally feel better.

I'm struggling a bit in this blog to not give away proprietary information, but Kelli's suggestions are amazing. She includes scientific research where appropriate, she has a knack of knowing what athletes are likely to need improvement on (like not hydrating enough), and gives specific quantities of supplements, food, hydration, etc., and tells you like how much to eat and how much time before a workout or a race. All these things we play around with on our own, she puts the research into giving good answers so we don't have to experiment on our own. Plus, she has a lot of super-yummy recipes to try out. I'm a huge fan!

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