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FoCo Fondo Training ride #2


Our friends at Source Endurance have created a training series to help you prepare for the amazing, community celebration, the Foco Fondo on June 25.  For the Queen Beet challenge, we have included Training Ride #2 (March).  This is a 32 mile combination road/gravel/mountain ride with a little something for everyone.  It does include some stretches of technical singletrack (ie Maxwell) so choose your steed wisely or walk what you can’t ride.  Consider joining the group ride on March 21 at 10am from New Belguim brewery: (14) FoCo Fondo|Source Endurance Training Series: March (in person??) | Facebook


Strava route: 32.8 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

Turn by turn (sort of):


Folks, I tried really hard to create turn by turn directions, however there are some twists and turns that I just can’t seem to nail down.  If you haven’t uploaded a GPX file to your bike computer, this is your chance to try it!  (Remember the Borrow a Beet option: If you do make a wrong turn, we will honor routes that are very close and have at least the appropriate number of miles. 


Start at New Belguim Brewery on Linden St.  Head Southwest and join the bike path heading Northwest.


Follow the bike path past Shields, then take the Vine street connector to the south to Vine.


On Vine, go (right) west to Taft Hill.


Go North (right) on Taft Hill.


Follow Taft Hill to Stonecrest Dr (left) west.


Follow Stonecrest to Headwater (right) west.


Cross over Overland Trail into Reservoir Ridge parking lot.  Hop on Foothills Trail. 


Take a right onto Michaud connector, follow onto Michaud lane.


Take Michaud Lane to Overland Trail, go north (left)


Turn left (west) on Bingham Hill road.


Go left (north) on CR 23E.


Go right (west) on CR 25C towards Lory State Park.


Go left (east) into Lory State Park. 


Follow main road then turn left onto the Valley Trail.


Follow Valley Trail east and Swan Johnson to the Soderberg parking lot. 


Follow the shoreline trail through the campground to Blue Sky trailhead.


Follow Blue Sky to the small trail that leads up the hill to 38E (unmarked)


Go left (east) on 38E (back towards town) to Centennial Drive


At Centennial go left (north & up the hill)


At CR20, go left (north) to Maxwell trail.


Go right onto Maxwell(down the hill)


Follow a series of trails and streets to Elizabeth


Go left (north) on Overland


Take another series of streets and trails through the Saddle Ridge area, eventually ending on Mulberry right (east)


Take Mulberry to Jackson Ave.  Go left (north) on Jackson


Go right (east) on Mountain.


Take Mountain to Laporte, go left (Northwest) on Laporte to Linden.


Go right (northeast) on Linden to your start point.

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