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Four Seasons of Horsetooth Challenge


20.54 miles 1,475 feet.

Strava route:

Four Seasons of Horsetooth Challenge | Strava Ride Segment in Larimer County, CO, USA, CO

Strava segment: Four Seasons of Horsetooth Challenge

4SOH was the brainchild of Adam Miller and Jordan Radin, who came up with the idea of a socially-distant race in 2014, before it was popular.  The idea was to get folks to virtually race using a Strava segment on the weekend closest to the season change, which meant racing in the heat of summer, the cold of winter and everything in between, making this truly an “anybodys’ race.”  The person who comes up with the shortest cumulative time is the winner.  Those of us aspiring to emulate their format owe them a debt of gratitude for a great idea and working out all the kinks so we don’t have to!


This year’s spring stage is scheduled for March 19-22 (weather permitting), so do this route during that weekend if you want to be part of the challenge!  4SOH has lots of resources for the course, results, and the rules.  You can follow them on facebook to get the latest updates and postponements.  Four Seasons of Horsetooth Mountain Bike Challenge | Facebook


Regardless of when you decide to do this route, be sure to check trail conditions for both Horsetooth Mountain Park and Lory State Park, as Lory tends to be muddier and more inclined to close than other areas.


Turn by Turn: 

The start is an easy warm up through the east valley from Timber Trailhead in Lory to the Soderberg Trailhead. 


Follow Shoreline through to the Blue Sky Parking lot, then up the road to HTMP upper lot. 


Next is a long slog up Southridge all the way to Wathan.  Take a right on Wathan, engage your dropper seat post and drop into the most technical downhill section: watch for rocks, puddles, roots and uphill hikers. 


At the bottom, go left on Spring Creek for about 1/10 mile, then take a right on Harrington and follow to Towers.


Go left on Towers to Carey Springs, go right on Carey Springs.


Carey Springs-Loggers-Sawmill are the 2nd fun downhill section, not quite as technical as Wathan, but does include some steep rocky sections and switchbacks. 


At the bottom of Sawmill, go left and take the west valley and go UP Kimmons, definintely the most technical uphill section of the route.  


Finally, a sweet descent on Timber takes you back to the start/finish line.  Do watch for users in the other direction, as it’s more common to take Timber up and Kimmons down.

Please see 4SOH for a detailed cue sheet.

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